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Welcome to Show #132!  This episode's topic: The Commodore 64, Part I!

In part I of this series on the Commodore 64, I cover my initial experiences with the machine (back in "the day"), and also provide an overview of the C64 hardware specifications.

Have an old 680x0 based Mac?  Interested in them?  If so, be sure to visit the 68K Macintosh Liberation Army site!
Commodore reborn, again?  Have a look at the article on The Register, and the website itself at Commodore USA, LLC, and you be the judge...
Read "The Bob Chronicles", and remember one of the most famous software failures of all time!
KansasFest 2010 is open for registration!
Join in on PET Alive!, a 10-day event to celebrate the Commodore PET!

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Thanks for listening!

- Earl

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